“In small towns there’s never anything to do.” Are you sure about that? Pontremoli offers many activities and services catering to different needs, age groups and passions.

Let’s start with the basic services: schools, after-school and health and care services.

Kindergarten, primary school, lower secondary school, upper secondary school. As to secondary education, you will find two state schools and a private one:

  • Istituto Tecnico Professionale Pacinotti – Belmesseri: Social and Health Services (Orthodontics); Business Administration, Finance and Marketing; Tourism; Constructions, Environment and Territory.
  • Istituto Liceo Da Vinci: Foreign Language High School and Human Sciences High School
  • Liceo Classico Vescovile (private)

At 15 – 30 Km by train or bus, you will find other institutes, such as high schools specializing in science or humanities and technical high schools focusing on hospitality management, agricultural science or business services.

The following institutes provide a number of after-school programs:

  • Centro Giovanile Mons. Sismondo, a very active youth centre with study rooms, workshops and playrooms.
  • Ludoteca Sisters & Co., offering creative art workshops and playrooms.

We are a small community where everyone knows each other, so it is not difficult to find young women or ladies providing babysitting services, and if you’ve just arrived we can support you in your search.

The Sant’Antonio Abate hospital is located 1 km away from Pontremoli’s city centre, and it includes an emergency department and several specialist services and inpatient facilities (e.g. General Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Sub-intensive Care, Hemodialysis). The hospital’s helipad ensures a quick connection to other hospitals in the area. In addition, the local Health District (with two premises in Via Mazzini and Via Cabrini) provides a range of general practitioner, specialist and parent counselling services. An ambulance service and several other social services are provided by Misericordia, a local care association with numerous employees and volunteers.

In Pontremoli you can find: banking and financing institutions, insurance companies, a post office, accounting firms, a notary, employment counsellors and trade union services.
Local businesses include: supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, stationery stores and bookstores, all within walking distance from the city centre.

Here we are true sports champs, thanks to the very active volunteer work in Pontremoli. Our city offers many options for sport-loving adults, teenagers and children: football and futsal, basketball, volleyball, athletics, artistic gymnastics, tennis, martial arts, bowls (no, we’re not kidding!), cycling and mountain biking, trekking, and winter sports.

 For mountain biking enthusiasts, we suggest to explore the beautiful network of trails marked and maintained by the local cycling association. All this is possible also and mainly thanks to the public and private sports facilities in the area: football and futsal pitches, a sports hall, an athletics track, tennis and bocce courts and a small winter sports resort – Zum Zeri– located about 20 km away.

 You can indulge yourself with excursions arranged by the local chapter of the Italian Alpine Club or with hikes, biking tours or snowshoe treks organized by the Farfalle in Cammino association and the Sigeric cooperative. You can nurture your passion for music with courses from the local city band and, if you love photography and theatre, we suggest you to check out LunicaFoto and Centro Teatro Pontremoli, two very active associations in the city.

Children and teenagers (but also adults) can participate in activities with Agesci, a numerous scout group, or with the Compagnia del Piagnaro historical company.

Pontremoli also offers many volunteering and training opportunities, for example with the local Misericordia association or the Civil Protection Department.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but we hope it was helpful in sharing with you that Pontremoli offers space and possibility for every passion, idea and need. Exactly like in a big city, but with the certainty of being part of a Family.

Write us in case you want to know more or if you have any questions!