Wow Community !

Sorry, but in order to discover our beautiful community, you’ll have to pay us a visit! A website page simply wouldn’t get the idea across.
However, we selected for you a few abstracts about the main events in Pontremoli.


56,000 visitors in five days.
An average of 11,000 visitors a day, with a peak of 14,000 last Sunday. These staggering figures are a clear indicator of the success of the 15th edition of Medievalis, organized like every year by Compagnia del Piagnaro.

Bonfire Challenge

Pontremoli’s bonfires are undoubtedly the most spectacular winter event in Lunigiana. Tied to ancient traditions, these giant fires are built in the beds of the Magra and Verde rivers in honor of St. Anthony (January 10) and St. Geminianus (January 31).

Tour Day

A multiple-stop food and wine tour that twice a year enlivens Pontremoli’s old town by celebrating traditional flavours. 1387 -one thousand three hundred and eighty-seven- participants challenged each other with traditional staples like testaroli, Amor and Bianco Oro, allowing the organizers to set a new, amazing record!

FAI Days

The many historical sites open to the public welcomed 17,186 visitors. “There would be many other data to be provided, but today, after this intense weekend, we are still going through a lot of emotions to try to take stock of all the peculiarities and details of a very positive result that promises a bright future” wrote the municipal administration in a press release.